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At Leonine  we  provide conceptual training on CISCO Certifications . The Certification Path  in CISCO is as  ;

The  advantage of CISCO certification on each level is as;

The tentative BASE  level  CCNA   tentative course coverage is as ;

Concepts :

  • OSI model
  • TCP/IP model
  • IP addressing
  • IPv6 concepts
  • How applications work over the network

LAN Switching

  • Configuration basics of network switch
  • VLAN Configuration
  • STP concepts – Per VLAN STP, Rapid STP

IP Routing

  • Understanding the basics of routing
  • Implementing Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing protocols – DV , LS & Hybrid with configurations
  • Subnetting

Miscellaneous :

  • ACL
  • NAT & PAT
  • WAN Technologies

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The  in depth and conceptual course is designed to  coach a person in any ORACLE certifications ;

Certification path in Oracle is as  ;

The  general idea is as  ;

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