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About us

Leonine, [previously known as Pashin Education] ,  providing Conceptual Knowledge through  Diploma Degree Engineering Tuition and  Coaching to ,MCA,BCA Students along with  Training for Programming Languages like C,C++,C#, JAVA SE/EE ,Python and CCNA with it’s diversified experience ,  of more than a decade and have known and proven track record 90 – 100% pass rates.

Leonine  with an vision of providing quality education and personality development for  Young Brains  who are  in Information Technology / Computer Science.

We provide Conceptual Knowledge to ;

  • Diploma Students ( All Semesters ) of Information technology / Computer Engineering 
  • Degree Students ( All Semesters ) of Information technology / Computer Engineering 
  • BCA / MCA Students 
  • Professional Courses for Programming Languages
  • International Certification  Training Like Cisco – CCNA

We at Leonine provides extensive  knowledge support to Global Students as well. We  are providing  ONLINE  Coaching to  students staying out of Cities or Country.

Leonine has Successfully  established its Brand by providing excellent knowledge with perfect study environment for past more than a decade.


Director's Desk

Education is backbone on individual’s identity. Education along with practical applicability knowledge and experience helps individual to growth and flourish in his / her career. It’s evident by global research that only education donot help individual ; what helps individual to grow and flourish is their capability and ability to transform successfully their educational knowledge into practical applicability. Smartness only comes along with confidence and confidence is based on concrete and strong fundamental clarity.

We at Leonine, are in full agreement of above principle and  ensures overall development of all the students coming for  Diploma Degree Engineering Tuition to be called proudly as “Leos”.  We are designing ,  formulating  as well as interacting  with our Leos accordingly for their personality development along with technical knowledge enhancement. Which is In fact  is our prime goal. We at Leonine, have been able to display excellent academic results in all the subjects and coaching being provided.

Best Regards

Dharmesh Jadav


To Ignite Young Brains by  providing  Conceptual , Practical and Qualitative Knowledge