C++ Programming ( CPP Programming ) :-

As C is Mother of all Programming Language , I can say  C++ Programming ( CPP Programming )  is Mother of all Object Oriented Programming. 

C++ Language is considered as Middle Level  programming language.

C++ Programming


At Leonine we prepare brains for C++ Language Programming totally Conceptually and Practically . We provide coaching / tuition / training for Diploma , Degree , BCA , MCA Students for C++ Language Programming as well as  for students residing outside Vadodara , ONLINE C++ Language  Programming  training also been provided through Skype. 



Tentative Course Coverage

C++ Basics : Overview, Program structure, namespace, identifiers, variables, constants, enum, operators, typecasting, control structures

C++ Functions : Simple functions, Call and Return by reference, Inline functions, Macro Vs. Inline functions, Overloading of functions, default arguments, friend functions, virtual functions

Concepts of OOP : Introduction OOP, Procedural Vs. Object Oriented Programming, Principles of OOP, Benefits and applications of OOP

Objects and Classes : Basics of object and class in C++, Private and public members, static data and function members, constructors and their types, destructors, operator overloading, type conversion

Inheritance : Concept of Inheritance, types of inheritance: single, multiple, multilevel, hierarchical, hybrid, protected members, overriding, virtual base class

Polymorphism : Pointers in C++, Pointes and Objects, this pointer, virtual and pure virtual functions, Implementing polymorphism

I/O and File Management : Concept of streams, cin and cout objects, C++ stream classes, Unformatted and formatted I/O, manipulators, File stream, C++ File stream classes, File management functions, File modes, Binary and random Files

Templates, Exceptions and STL : What is template? function templates and class templates, Introduction to exception, try-catch-throw, multiple catch, catch all, rethrowing exception, implementing user defined exceptions, Overview and use of Standard Template Library

Golden Glittering Words ...

Ruchit Patel (JAVA)

This is the best class I have found. Sir has a lot of knowledge about the content. He is very passionate about teaching. All the concepts are simplified to its root and explained in a way that you always understand what the meaning is suppose to be.
I recommend everyone who wants to lear new technology to consult Leonine.