JAVA EE Programming :-

Java EE Programming , also known as JAVA Enterprise Edition Programming ( or JAVA – Advanced )  is Server Side Programming to develop modern secure cross platform Server Applications as well as WEB based Applications. 

The Java platform for developing enterprise-oriented applications and servlets, which are server programs that conform to Java EE’s Servlet API. Java EE is built on top of Java SE

JAVA EE Programming


At Leonine we  provide extensive Practical Training / Coaching for JAVA Programming (JAVA EE – Advanced ) to Diploma , Degree , BCA , MCA  Students as well as to professionals. We also provide   ONLINE JAVA  EE Programming training , coaching  for those  who are distance apart . 

Tentative Course Coverage

Concept of JAVA EE  : Understanding the JAVA EE  Vs.  JAVA SE

Concept  of WEB : Understanding Server Side Programming , Client Side vs. Server Side Web Pages .

Servlet API and Overview Servlet Model: Overview of Servlet, Servlet Life Cycle, HTTP Methods Structure and Deployment descriptor ServletContext and ServletConfig interface, Attributes in Servelt, Request Dispacher interface The Filter API: Filter, FilterChain, Filter Config Cookies and Session Management: Understanding state and session, Understanding Session Timeout and Session Tracking, URL Rewriting

Java Server Pages JSP Overview: The Problem with Servlets, Life Cycle of JSP Page, JSP Processing, JSP Application Design with MVC, Setting Up the JSP Environment . JSP Directives, JSP Action, JSP Implicit Objects JSP Form Processing, JSP Session and Cookies Handling, JSP Session Tracking JSP Database Access, JSP Standard Tag Libraries, JSP Custom Tag, JSP Expression Language, JSP Exception Handling, JSP XML Processing.

JDBC Programming The JDBC Connectivity Model, Database Programming: Connecting to the Database, Creating a SQL Query, Getting the Results, Updating Database Data, Error Checking and the SQLException Class, The SQLWarning Class, The Statement Interface, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement The ResultSet Interface, Updatable Result Sets, JDBC Types, Executing SQL Queries, ResultSetMetaData, Executing SQL Updates,

Java Networking Network Basics and Socket overview, TCP/IP client sockets, URL, TCP/IP server sockets, Datagrams, package Socket, ServerSocket, InetAddress, URL, URLConnection


Golden Glittering Words ...

Sagar Bakre (Diploma, BE)

I’ve known Dharmesh Sir for around 4 years now. When I joined Leonine on back in 2011, I knew many things but wasn’t much confident about them, especially when involved in any discussions/debates, and when it came to representing it properly. He’s the one who made us confident, that we can do and achieve almost anything we aim for. The tips and tricks given to us are very useful, and I still use and implement most of them. I still remember a session back in Diploma, when I wasn’t able to grasp a topic and enitre batch waited for me until I get it. Even Sir made it sure that I understood every single concept of that topic. Today, I can solve stuff related to that easily without any hassles.
It’s a place where the entire batch waits until and unless you are not sure that you have understood the topic being taught, and everyone contributes to it. A place where you can do almost everything. Learn. Play. Crack Jokes on all(by all, I mean everyone included 😛 ) Celebrate various occasions/achievements/birthdays (the gallery section speaks for it).
When I started back in Diploma with my friends, we made a list of certain things to be available (obviously that was during the fun-time given to us to hit the F5 key of ours :P). Today, almost all the stuff mentioned in the list by us is available (I can’t mention what was in the list :P).
We have had many spells of long back-to-back sessions, never have we got bored of it. Thanks to those times when we hit the F5 key (by that I mean making the environment lighter by cracking jokes and related stuff).
At Pashin, its made sure that everyone is comfortable and all the needs are taken care of. (Going on a date? No prob, the session will be re-scheduled 😛 )
Talking about Sir, he’s more of a friend to all of us. Rather, he’s one of the very few people whose advice I really think upon, and in many cases is implemented.