JAVA Programming ( JAVA SE – JAVA Core ) :-

JAVA Programming ( JAVA SE – Core ) is the most in Demand across the Globe . It’s the High Level Language  with a biggest advantage of being a PLATFORM INDEPENDENT Programming Language .

JAVA Programming



At Leonine we  provide extensive Practical Training / Coaching for JAVA Programming (JAVA SE – Core) to Diploma , Degree , BCA , MCA  Students as well as to professionals. We also provide   ONLINE JAVA Programming training , coaching  for those  who are distance apart . 



Tentative Course Coverage JAVA - SE

Basics of Java: Features of Java, Byte Code and Java Virtual Machine, JDK, Data types, Operator, Control Statements – If , else, nested if, if-else ladders, Switch, while, do-while, for, for-each, break, continue

Concepts of OOPS : Basic and advatage of OOPS

Classes, Objects and Methods: Class, Object, Object reference, Constructor, Constructor Overloading, Method Overloading, Recursion, Passing and Returning object form Method, new operator, this and static keyword, finalize() method, Access control, modifiers, Nested class, Inner class,

Inheritance and Interfaces: Use of Inheritance, Inheriting Data members and Methods, constructor in inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance – method overriding Handle multilevel constructors – super keyword,Stop Inheritance – Final keywords, Creation and Implementation of an interface, Interface reference, instanceof operator, Interface inheritance, Dynamic method dispatch ,Abstract class,  Class,Comparison between Abstract Class and interface

Package: Use of Package, CLASSPATH, Import statement, Static import, Access control

Exception Handling: Exception and Error, Use of try, catch, throw, throws and finally, Built in Exception, Custom exception, Throwable Class.

IO Programming: Introduction to Stream, Byte Stream, Character stream, Readers and Writers, File Class, File InputStream, File Output Stream, InputStreamReader, OutputStreamWriter, FileReader, FileWriter, Buffered Reader

Collection Classes : List, AbstractList, ArrayList, LinkedList, Enumeration, Vector, Properties, Introuduction to Java.util package

Golden Glittering Words ...

Dhaval Ray (CCNA)

Awesome “CCNA” course format by Dharmesh Sir that made me learn quick and easy.

A lot of information packed into few weeks. Dharmesh Sir had solid examples and was knowledgeable on the topic. Nice introduction and overview to CCNA categories and process.

The class was very useful and our Dharmesh sir was very knowledgeable and skilled. He also took the time/effort to point out how the class impacted our individual professions. It made for a very personalized class while also covering all necessary information. His pleasant personality adds to the class enjoyment. I feel like he does everything he can to take care of his students.

The Dharmesh Sir was very engaging and kept the material fun and interactive. It was taught very well – from the use of props to real life examples and stories to games. Appropriate breaks throughout the day kept our minds fresh. Great class!

I really enjoyed the training and hope to be able to take more as soon as my company approves.

Thank you again for all your help.!