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Our Online Courses

 In this technological world  , we  believe , distance must not be  the issue , if  someone  has a desire  to learn and study. Leonine (formerly  known as  Pashin Education ) We  provide  LIVE Online Education , coaching , tuition  ( not  Pre-recorded Video Sessions )  for  all Engineering and Diploma Subjects  as well as for Programming Languages and for International certifications . 

Leonine doesnot want  to  provide  education by  Prerecorded Video Lectures. Such Video  Sessions are  not at all  fruitful  as  no one can  learn  and  gain Knowledge by  Zero Interactivity . Leonine believes  in Conceptual Coaching  rather  Theoretical . Hence we  provide  LIVE  Sessions  so that a learner  can have  an Interaction  and  can solve their doubts/ queries  immediately. 

Therefore we  provide extensively large number of various courses  from academic to international  certifications .

 Live ONLINE  Education Areas ;


You are requested to contact us  if you have any  such  requirement for studies.

You may contact us  thru our contact details  or  thru skype  id   as  dharmesh.k.jadav